Exclusive one piece. 1 of 6

Exclusive one piece. 1 of 6

€ 45,00Price
  • Dried flowers deco 1/6

    Exclusive one piece original only. Send it to your beloved ones or flatter yourself. It is special and limited only. 

    "In this work we use nature as a material. After all, humans have lived with nature for many thousands years and we feel connected to it. Nature touches our senses and instincts and we feel it is very important to connect to nature, specially in the world we live today. The installations of dried flowers makes us think about time, memories, life and death. Each installation is unique and handmade, all plants are carefully selected by us. It comes with a recycled leather hanger, so it is easy to hang it on the wall, ceiling, bookshelves enc."

    In collaboration with: designer Grete Astover

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